Judy Judy Bingo

How to Play
If you're like me, and you watch Judy Judy a lot, you'll notice that there are some recurring phrases and topics, people make a lot of the same mistakes, and cases suffer from some common pitfalls. In fact, you could use them to play BINGO! Thus, Judge Judy Bingo is born.
You need only two things: this web page, and a video of Judge Judy. You can get the second thing on YouTube, except that sometimes the accounts that upload the clips 1. are constantly being removed due to copyright, and 2. sometimes stutter, repeat, or end abruptly, which makes playing a fair game of Judge Judy Bingo difficult.
The rules are simple: watch an episode of Judge Judy, which usually contains 3 - 4 cases. When certain things happen or are revealed in the episode, mark if off on your Judge Judy Bingo board. When you manage to mark five boxes in a row, smack that BINGO button!

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