This is a video about the television show Kenny vs Spenny and how to classify and judge winners for each "competition". It is the fifth video in a series.

I sat on the content for this video for a long time, and I'm even sorta fundamentally opposed to the idea of having to decide a winner. Still, I thought it was valuable to talk about.

Link to the Kenny Hotz Official Discord server:

This video was made possible by the following people and entities: Kenny, Spenny, and the KvS crew (obviously), the Free Music Archive and Loyalty Freak Music, Maddie, and jphn.

Also in this series:
"The Show" - KvS Retrospective, Volume I
"Kenny & Spenny" - KvS Retrospective, Volume II
"Real/Fake" - KvS Retrospective, Volume III
"Lost" (Kenny vs Spenny Lost Media) - Kvs Retrospective, IV

Background music:
"Freedom" - Cyrus
"Selah" - Cyrus
"Yakety Sax" - Boots Randolph
"Glow #1" - Evan Schaeffer
"Glow #3" - Evan Schaeffer
"One Cool Minute" - Loyalty Freak Music
"After Midnight" - Maxim Kornyshev
"Fog Lights" - VYVCH
"Neighborhood" - VYVCH
"Chill Breeze" - Evan Schaeffer
"Everyone" - Loyalty Freak Music
"Once More With You" - Loyalty Freak Music
"Independent Film" - Steve Combs
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